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Kong Cheong Food Industries was formerly known as Chop Kong Cheong, which name was changed in 1997 to the existing name. It was founded by Mr. Chan Seng in 1944 with a vision to produce high-quality soy sauce for every household. The family business has been running for 71 years and it keeps expanding from one generation to another. Mr. Chan Eng Kong, the owner of Kong Cheong Food Industries, currently plans to promote the soy sauce to other Asian countries.

13 years before

They were not insane but simply lived up to achieve the dream of Mr. Chan Seng, namely every household should own a bottle of soy sauce.

Due to various factors such as political unrest, there were ups and downs in the family business for 13 years before it finally settled down. In 1957, the year when Malaysia gained independence, Mr. Chan Yong Lam obtained soy sauce permit and officially registered Kong Cheong Food Industries in year 1997). Over the years, the delivery method of soy sauce changed from walking to biking, then motorcycling, and eventually driving. These fully portrayed the determination of Chan’s family in pursuing the dream of Mr. Chan Seng. Between 1957 and 1981, Kong Cheong Soy Sauce expanded to sourthern Kedah and part of Penang mainland areas.

In 2010

In 2010, Mr. Chan Eng Kong’s eldest son, Mr. Chan Kin Mun who graduated from international Marketing joined the family business. With five years of endeavor, Mr. Chan Eng Kong and Mr. Chan Kin Mun further consolidated the foundation of Kong Cheong Food Industries in Malaysia. Now, both of them perceive it as the right time to promote the products to the other Asian countries.




Shuang Er (a pair of geese)
brand, is the main type of soy sauce produced by Kong Cheong Food Industries. The brand was founded by Mr. Chan Yong Lam since 1957. According to Mr. Chan Yong Lam, the inspiration for this logo struck him while he was reading the story “The Ugly Duckling” to his children.


There are two geese in the logo, which symbolize the process of making soy sauce and the development of Kong Cheong Food Industries respectively. Mr. Chan Yong Lam asserted that the process of making soy sauce is not easy at all (link to process). The soy beans have to be steamed under high temperature, fermented and soaked in salt water. The early process is tough just as the newly-born ugly duckling. However, as time passes, it will eventually be transformed into soy sauce with fine quality, just as the ugly duckling that grows up to be a beautiful swan. Besides, the story of “The Ugly Duckling” also reminded Mr. Chan Yong Lam of the family business tough old days (link to History page), of which he and his siblings had been delivering soy sauce by bikes for years before the business was on track


A fun fact behind the story of the logo design: Swan and goose are generally known as Er in Chinese. Mr. Chan Yong Lam perceived the sawn in The Ugly Duckling as goose, which later became the geese brand instead of swans

Farmer brand was founded by Mr. Chan Meng Kong and Mr. Chan Eng Kong. Chan brothers decided to make a production line for this logo to commemorate the dream of Mr. Chan Seng, “every family could own a bottle of aromatic soy sauce” and the determination of Mr. Chan Yong Lam to keep the family business running (link to History).


Rice, as farmer’s product, is a staple food of most Asian families. It is not merely a source of food, but a sense of culture. Mr. Chan Seng therefore sought to realize his aspiration that soy sauce would be afforded by every household just as in the case of rice. Furthermore, the process of farming paddy, is to remind the perseverance of Mr. Chan Yong Lam’s genration to develop the family business.